Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal

HLS Pressure Washing offer our clients and effective and responsive Graffiti Removal Service throughout the North West.

We remove paint and graffiti from all surfaces without causing damage and without leaving ghosting.

Our teams are fully equipped with all the necessary products needed to complete this task and use only environmentally friendly materials.

We are able to remove graffiti from any area, regardless of location or height including:

  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Masonry
  • Glass 
  • Metal shutters
  • Paving
  • Railway bridges
  • Underpasses

Our team of technicians are fully trained and use only the best products and steam cleaning equipment to ensure an excellent and aesthetically pleasing finish.

For difficult to reach areas such as railway bridges and underpasses we are able to utilise our fully trained work at height technicians to access and remove graffiti in a safe and controlled manner.

We operate three self contained vehicles which carry their own water and power supplies enabling them to clean virtually anywhere at any time, our steam cleaning machinery operates at up to 150 degrees ensuring that even the most stubborn graffiti can be removed easily and, our hoses are capable of reaching up to 120 metres in any direction, again ensuring that we can access any area.

Please Contact Us on 03335777457 – info@hlspressurewashing.co.uk for more information or a free no obligation quotation.

    Graffiti removal - HLS Pressure Washing
    Graffiti Removal - Before
    Graffiti Removal - After