Patio Cleaning

Patio Cleaning

HLS Pressure Washing specialise in the cleaning of residential driveways and patios.

Overtime all outside surfaces surrounding our properties get dirty including driveways and paths. We provide patio cleaning services for all types of patios covering Blackpool and all surrounding towns throughout Lancashire.

Our pressure washing service for patios is suitable for all types of patio including block paving, concrete, tarmac and all types of paving slabs bringing them back to as-new condition.

We have the equipment, treatments, techniques and the expertise to use them to make your driveways look great again.

We are experienced professionals that are accredited for safety; we always ensure that your gardens, plants and trees sustain no damage. in the vast majority of cases we only require water to clean your patio surfaces.

Sanding – We also provide a resanding service for block paved driveways and patios.

Sealing – We provide premium quality resin based seals to protect and enhance your patio or driveway; bespoke mixtures can be applied to both concrete imprint and block paved surfaces and can be mixed with a colour enhancer if required.

It is important to ensure that any concrete imprint or block paved surfaces are professionally cleaned before and resin based sealants and colour enhancers are applied, proper surface preparation ensures a better end result; as it enables us to remove oil and grease stains, algae, moss or weeds with more ease.

Leave your pressure washing to the professionals:

Most people these days have access to pressure washing equipment (Karcher’s for example), however the limitations on what a domestic pressure washer can do compared to that which HLS Pressure Washing can bring to the table will be clear once we demonstrate. Our machinery is extremely powerful and fuel driven, plus we also utilise steam cleaning to generate a deeper clean in a fraction of the time.

Please Contact Us on 03335777457 – info@hlspressurewashing.co.uk for more information or a free no obligation quotation.

    Patio Cleaning - HLS Pressure Washing
    HLS Pressure Washing - Patio Cleaning
    HLS Pressure Washing - Patio Cleaning
    HLS Pressure Washing - Patio Cleaning
    HLS Pressure Washing - Patio Cleaning