Render Cleaning

Render Cleaning

HLS Pressure Washing provide render cleaning for acrylic render, silicone render and K rend Cleaning.

We provide Soft Washing to clean rendered elevations from general traffic film cleaning to organic staining like algae, mould and moss. 

Bird guano can also be cleaned effectively of render.

Using a combination of low pressured steam and bespoke mixtures of biocide cleaning chemicals, carefully applied we are able to restore your buildings render to as new.

We are able to clean render at any height; we utilise pole based cleaning systems and also have in house technicians trained to use powered access machinery and rope access techniques if required.

Professional render cleaning is available for both residential and commercial clients; no matter how dirty or stained your K-Rend render has become, our promise to you is we can make it look like brand new. Ideal if you have specialist visitors coming to sign that all important contract or you want to attract more paying customers coming through your doors.

Please Contact Us on 03335777457 – info@hlspressurewashing.co.uk for more information or a free no obligation quotation.

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